Finished: High Contrast Sheer Blouse

Black & white sheer blouse

I completed this while I was watching the Golden Globes.  Kind of inspiring to sew while you’re looking at gorgeous designer gowns.  I was also inspired to give myself a red carpet backdrop.  In this case my red living room curtains.

Before I get to the blouse, let me follow-up on these curtains.  I did not sew these as I talked about here.  When I first put them up they were too long.  I moved my sewing machine over to the window and hemmed them while they hung.  It helped to have the volumes of fabric up out of the way and made it easy to determine the finished length.  I did a blind hem stitch and didn’t cut any of the original panel off.  That way if I ever need the length I can just undo the hem.  They look so nice with the blouse maybe one day I’ll slice them up and make a skirt a la Scarlett O’Hara.

How Funnygrrl does animal print

This blouse came together really quickly.  More details here on some neckhole sizing issues.  I also found the scoop neck a little boring so I added little pleats near the collar bone on the bias tape binding.  This made a bit of a square neckline which made it more interesting.

Slightly squared-off neckline

Can’t you see this paired with yellow?  Obviously it looks great with red.  Here I dressed it down with jeans but it will look so dressy with a black skirt or even my PBS.  I could also put this over a long-sleeved t-shirt which would be more fitting for the extreme cold we’ve been having.  I am excited to add this to my closet.

I told you I was excited

Speaking of my PBS, I wasn’t happy with the “invisible” zipper.  I put that in quotes because I couldn’t get the zipper to disappear.  I don’t have an invisible zipper foot.  This is a foot for the sewing machine that lets you sew close to the coils of the zipper.  After it is installed the zipper is hidden in the seam.  On the weekend, I bought a bright pink zipper and installed it the regular way.  I am so much happier with the completed skirt.  If the zipper is going to show, why not make it exciting!

Original zipper

Pink zip installed

Thanks for reading everyone!  I hope you enjoy my struggles, successes and ramblings.  I have some exciting projects coming up.  Please leave a comment to let me know if I’m on the right track with this whole blog thing.

What I’m listening to: Underwater (You and I) by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah


6 thoughts on “Finished: High Contrast Sheer Blouse

  1. Found my way here via some other sewing blogs –
    I love this blouse! Great job! I’m impressed that you could do it while watching the golden globes! I’m extremely talented at making stupid sewing mistakes when I get distracted, and pretty dresses on the red carpet would have undoubtedly done that!

    • Thanks! I love this pattern.
      I actually can’t concentrate if I don’t have tv or music on. I think it’s because I’m the Walkman generation. (Showing my age now…)

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