In Progress: High Contrast Sheer Blouse

The blouse, so far

When I went to cut the fabric for this blouse I discovered that the back pattern piece was missing.  This pattern only has 3 pattern pieces. Front, back and sleeves. I grabbed my first sheer blouse and traced the back on to my black and white fabric. (I should have traced in on to paper so I had the piece for next time but I don’t have the right size paper and I was lazy.)

This pattern is easy and the blouse is really loose so no fitting issues.  However, I ended up cutting the neckhole too large so I added two rows of long stitches to the shoulders.

Long machine stitches

The gathering from the long stitches creates a sleeve cap that helps to keep the sleeve on my shoulder and makes the neckline smaller.  Like a drawstring bag.

Impromptu gathered sleeve

All that is left is to add bias tape to the neckline, which will secure the gathering.  I also have to hem the bottom.  I am considering adding an elastic gathering to the front for a little shape.  I will have to see after the blouse is finished.

J'adore this fabric!

Have you used patterns more than once? Do you make variations to the pattern or use different fabric to make the garment look unique?

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6 thoughts on “In Progress: High Contrast Sheer Blouse

  1. I use most of my patterns more than once. I’ll use a different fabric or a different neckline or maybe a different detail here and there. In fact , the first thing that goes through my mind is usually all the possible variations I could make. In practice only a few of these ever actually happen, but the though is definitely there. I really like the idea of TNT patterns.

    • I’m thinking I might layer it over a long sleeved t. Also my office building is so warm. I can’t even wear boots because I get too hot.
      I was so happy that I came up with a solution! I was very Flashdance before I fixed the neckline.
      Thanks for your comments!

  2. Great fabric! That’s going to be an awesome blouse!
    I like to make my patterns more than once, to get my money’s worth 🙂 of course that all depends on how the first one turns out! It’s usually the fabric that’s different each time, although sometimes I’ll ‘fix’ little things for each variation.

    • Thanks! I love B&W.
      As far as using patterns again, it’s not like we wouldn’t buy 2 sheer blouses in a store. Why not sew 2?
      I usually buy my patterns on sale so for me it’s more that I just like to sew it again.

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