What’s Coming Up?

With the holiday break behind and a new year ahead it is a good time to make plans for the future…sewing future anyway.

I made my sheer blouse during summer 2010 and I loved the pattern.  I wear the blouse a lot.  I find it works for summer or winter and goes with skirts or jeans.

B5355 in teal and brown

I found a sheer fabric that had a unique black and white stripe.  Initially I thought it was a zebra print but it is more geometric.  My eye has been drawn to geometric prints lately.  I think floral fabrics on bolts in the fabric store scare me off a bit.  I don’t want to sew things that look matronly or crafty-looking.  I am still developing my eye for these things.

Butterick 5355 in B&W

What you are seeing behind is layers of the fabric.  It is a distinct black and white zig zag.  I cut the fabric pieces out and I’m eliminating the belt loops.  I remember this coming together very quickly.

The next project, and it is a much bigger undertaking, is my Ballet Dress.  Yeah, it is not a tutu or leotard but a dress and coat that I plan to wear to attend the ballet in March.

Butterick 5459

I love the long-sleeved coat and the dress is very simple.  It will be a good project to improve my finishing.  The seams and darts will have to be spot-on since it is such a simple pattern.

I have picked up fabric but I’m keeping it a surprise.  Actually I have been second guessing my choice of fabric since I bought it.  I will tell you that I plan to do the bodice in a shiny fabric while the dress will be a matte crepe.  To go with that I will do the coat to match the dress with the bow in the same shiny fabric.  I am going to use the bodice lining as a muslin, or test garment, to get the fit right.  I hope to get a really well-fitting dress out of this project.

I found out recently that a friend is getting married the same month that I am attending the ballet so the dress can do double duty.  Yay!

Of course, the Pendrell blouse sew along is also coming up.  I look forward to having another one of these blouses.  I have received so many compliments on the first one.

What are you up to?

What I’m listening to: Tighten Up by The Black Keys

P.S.  Did you see The Black Keys on SNL?  One of my faves.


3 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up?

  1. Wow, you’re keeping busy :). Do you have fabric picked out for the MPB sew along? I need to go hunting some in the next little while. I started cutting out fabric for little coats for my nieces, which should keep me busy for a bit (though they will NOT be couture!) 😉

    • I just realized the MPB sew along was happening. Haven’t been keeping up on my blog reading! I will prob let my guy pick out the fabric. Maybe a small check print so I don’t have to match plaids. I can’t believe I’m signing on for another sew along. I must be crazy!
      Do you make kids stuff a little bigger so they can grow into it? That’s an area I’ve never attempted.

      • It’s iffy with the kids as a lot of the patterns are over-sized. I made at least two size 4 outfits for the seven-year-old last year. On the other hand the Jalie jeans I made Tyo in the spring fit perfectly in march and were outgrown by august, so next time I make those for a kid I will definitely upsize. Fortunately my husband’s family has girls ranging from 13 to 2, at almost 3-year intervals, so the hand-me-downs get a lot of use. For my nieces I’m going to make regular size 3 and 4, which should be sufficiently huge on both of them. 🙂

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