Preview of McCall’s Spring 2011

I received an email from McCall’s telling me they had new patterns for spring 2011.  These are my opinions and ramblings.  You should take a look for yourself at the McCall’s website.

When I first looked at this I didn’t like it but after looking more closely I decided I like the sleeveless version especially.  Although the draped sleeves would be very nice to provide a little cover for the upper arm area.

So clingy.  This would suit a very specific body type and I don’t think the model is that type.  The draped neckline has been seen before.  The short sleeves on the blue version just don’t seem to fit.  The sleeveless version is better.  Just not sure there is anything new here.

I’d like to see someone try the long gown.  I would not attempt it until I had seen someone else sew it.  The other versions are pretty young although they could be more grown-up with the right fabric, I guess.

I LOVE jackets.  I have at least 10 in my closet that I wear regularly.  I thought this was another standard jacket until I looked at the technical drawings.  See below.

The collar is origami looking, I think.  I like the length variations.  That means for someone who always has to add inches to length it will probably be easy to do.  I am guessing that I will own this pattern one day.

This is called a blouse but I would treat it like a shacket (shirt-jacket).  It seems like a lot of other blouse patterns but the wide neckline makes it a little different.  I like the version pictured in green with longer sleeves and no pockets on the bust.

I love the styling in the model photo.  The drawings look like a motorcycle-style and I wouldn’t look twice at it except for the way they soften it in the model photo.  It might be too short for me but I really like the simple lines of this.

Are these the same pants styled with my shacket above?  Anyway, loose-fitting and gathered at the ankle are not the best look unless you are super-slim; however, I am on the lookout for a pair of light-weight trousers that I can wear during the summer.  I will not wear yoga-style pants out in public (except at the gym) but I need a pair of pants for vacation, attending music festivals and other summer activities.  Maybe my height would let me get away with this look.  What do you think?

This is the best look in the collection.  Even the model has the best look.  Come on, Mary Jane shoes with socks!  (I think my ovaries just took a jolt.)  I have a pregnant friend and if she has a girl I may have to get this.  She also sews so I could make a version and pass the pattern on to her.

McCall’s looks younger than I usually think of for them.  I liked more than I have in the past.  Take a look at the Spring 2011 line for yourself and let me know what you think.

What I’m listening to: Who Is It? by Bjork

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