Finished: Pewter Pendrell (Sewaholic Pendrell)

Pewter Pendrell and my Plummy Black Skirt

What a great pattern.  Pendrell’s are popping up all over but I think mine is my favourite.  I thought the fabric would be too fancy to wear to work, and I almost used the matte side, but I’m glad I didn’t.  I don’t think it is too Tina Turner, Mad Max.

at least I'm showing less cleavage...

(Obviously just speaking of my choice in fabric.  I am not saying there is anything Thunderdome-ish about the pattern.)

What did I like about this pattern? I love the neck and armhole binding.  I’ve used bias tape on edges before but never same-fabric binding.  I was really nervous about it but shouldn’t have been.  The instructions are great and the finished result is so expert-looking.  I love the sleeves.  They come together really easily.  I will confess I did no pattern markings on the fabric pieces.  I have had trouble with chalk not coming out easily so I referred  to the pattern pieces as I pleated and pinned but didn’t actually mark them.  I suggest that you take the time with the sleeve pleats otherwise you will notice every millimetre that you are “off”.

What did I not like about this pattern?  Nothing.  Except Sewaholic Patterns should be available in every store in every city.  🙂

What did I do differently? Nothing.  There are variations to the pattern included.  I did add an inch but had to trim it off as the blouse is long.  Perfect for tucking in.

Up close and personal

In this photo my left sleeve is tucked up a little bit.  The right one is hanging properly.  Not a sewing mistake just a getting dressed mistake.  There is extra room in the body because there are no zippers or fasteners.  It comes on and off over your head!

Would I sew this pattern again? Yes!  I am going to do the sew along later this month (See right side bar for link!) and I already have fabric for the ruffled and sleeveless versions.

Also, I cut a size 14 and besides adding the length when I didn’t have to, I didn’t change a thing.  I can’t wait for the sew along!

**UPDATE: I forgot to mention the “You must be crazy!” moment in the construction of the blouse.  The neckhole seems so small since there are no fasteners.  However, once you add the neckline binding and cut the seam allowance there is enough room even for my big head.  Mind you this would not have fit in the ’80’s when I had my big permed hair!  Don’t be afraid or you can refer to Tasia’s recent post about this very subject.

What I’m listening to: Lingering Still by She & Him


13 thoughts on “Finished: Pewter Pendrell (Sewaholic Pendrell)

  1. Looks awesome! (I love your Thunderdome comparison… would’ve been even more apt if you’d included the ruffle 😉 )

    That’s so awesome that you didn’t have to change a thing! 🙂

    • Thanks! This blouse looks so different depending on fabric and the variations it could be made so many times.
      Maybe I’ll order some chainmail and make the actual Thunderdome version…

  2. Fabulous! It’s great with your new skirt, too! And I love the look of a long necklace with this top too. Thanks for the awesome review!
    ps. I was thinking the ‘you must be crazy’ moment was the circle-shaped sleeve 🙂

    • Thanks! I love a long necklace to help draw the eye down.
      I have received so many compliments on the blouse already. And everyone loves the fabric choice too which I’m so pleased about.
      Looking forward to what is next from you!

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