Finished: Manly Man Apron or, Mapron (Butterick 5426)

Stein gets ready to simmer

Suit up to cook up!

I can’t believe I sewed this from cutting to finishing in one day. Maybe I am getting faster.  The bid is a purple striped shirting fabric, the cummerbund is a shiny polyester I had in my stash and the apron is a grey denim.

(The fry pan photo was taken as a joke but it was the only one Stein liked.  I am the editor-in-chief but he has a clause in his contract so he gets full photo approval.  Such a diva.)

What did I like about this pattern? Great instructions. I also loved how it was all put together. The apron and bib were sewn WRONG sides together and then the cummerbund was sewn on from the back and flipped over the seam. It is hard to describe. I had my doubts but I trusted the process and it worked out.

What did I not like about this pattern? Nothing really. It is a great pattern.

What did I do differently? I skipped the topstitching around the bib. When topstitching is good, it is fantastic but when it’s bad… I didn’t want to risk ruining the clean lines on the bib.

I've officially sewn mens wear!

Would I make this pattern again? Yes! Although I’m not sure what message I would be sending to my husband if I keep making him aprons.

I am inspired to make myself one from the same pattern.  I think I could wear it when putting my makeup on so I don’t ruin my clothes.  Or I could start cooking…yeah, probably the makeup thing.

What I’m listening to: Sleepless by The Decemberists


4 thoughts on “Finished: Manly Man Apron or, Mapron (Butterick 5426)

  1. Nicely done! Love the mock-tuxedo look! I can totally relate to having your man veto the face-photos, my guy did the same thing! I can only put up ‘approved’ photos. Although, if it were the other way around, I’d want photo approval first, too 🙂

    • I think the apron is so cute. And I loved not having to worry about fit. The bib strap was the only thing we measured and pinned on him.
      I’m just happy he posed for photos. Not his favourite thing. He doesn’t mind taking them of me though which is really helpful.
      We’re fortunate to have obliging men-folk.

      • You bet! Mine will pose – and then get me to crop his head out of them 🙂 Lucky I had a few good face-shots he was OK with. Men – they’re worse than us sometimes!

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