In Progress: Pewter Pendrell

I decided to try a version of the Sewaholic Pendrell Blouse before the sew along. There is a sew along coming up early in the year but I am saving the ruffled version for that. I thought I would try the draped sleeve version first. I will call this blouse my Pewter Pendrell. I picked up a nice pewter fabric awhile ago.

Pewter fabric alongside plum skirt

It has a nice sheen and drape. I almost used the matte side but the sheen is nice and will go well with my new plum skirt and other print skirts.  It’s not as shiny as it looks in the photos.

After I cut the pieces out I couldn’t figure out how this jagged circle piece was going to be a sleeve! But it became a sleeve and I didn’t have to hem it! Sorry for the exclamation points but I am really excited! !!!

This circle piece becomes a, really, it does

In one sewing sitting I was able to put front and back together at neckline, pleat sleeves and attach to princess seams.  I also added the binding to the neck.  Keep in mind that while I was doing this I was watching a Rolling Stones’ concert on tv and taking frequent dance breaks.  This pattern really comes together quickly.  I still have to add the sides, finish the armhole binding and hem it.

Neck binding, sleeves and front

I don’t want to do a full review yet but so far I love this pattern.  I can say that you should follow the instructions and trust them.  There is one moment when you are following the instructions and you think, “Sewaholic, you must be crazy!”  But then it all works out.

How’s that for a cliffhanger?

What I’m listening to: Shake a Fist by Hot Chip


2 thoughts on “In Progress: Pewter Pendrell

  1. Love it – I must be crazy! I know, that sleeve piece is the weirdest. Isn’t it awesome you don’t have to hem it though? Works great for slinky fabrics, the only hem you have to do is the bottom edge! The pewter colour is very elegant. Looking forward to your finished blouse!

    • Thanks! The fabric isn’t that shiny in real life. I think the flash makes it look more metallic. Hopefully I can take some photos in natural light later this week when it’s completed!

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