Home Decor and Co-op Living

Big disclaimer!  I am not a big home decor person.  It took me over 3 years to hang drapes in my living room.  I have never had a subscription to a home decor magazine.  I don’t even think I’ve ever bought one…

The biggest task I have undertaken is my shoe and bag closet.  I drafted a design and had hubby execute it last winter.  I am such a good delegator if not a doer.

The closet BEFORE

With shelves and hooks installed

The closet AFTER

But I discovered that I love Nate Berkus’ new-ish show.

He’s Oprah’s decor guy so I thought his show would tell us how to arrange our Ethan Allen furniture with our original Degas paintings and our Tiffany lamps.  His show is not like that at all!  He gives thrifty, sensible tips and shows real people’s homes.  Sure he has a few whack-a-doos who decorate a shack in the woods but for the most part he gives real, affordable suggestions.

One of his shows (a repeat that was shown over the holidays) showed a large extended family that co-ops their grocery shopping, meal preparation and childcare.  I was amazed at how organized this group of women were.  One made a trip to Costco instead of 8 minivans burning more fuel and trying to find parking.  They shared large quantity items like toilet paper.  And they cooked large batches of food together and split it.

Now I wouldn’t want to cook with others on a regular basis.  I don’t cook a whole lot as it is.  I was just amazed at how they figured out a way to save hundreds of dollars by working together.  Kind of like a corporation.  I would totally try this with my brothers if we lived near each other.

Anyway, Nate also had a design quiz on the same show.  You can find the quiz on his website here.  It tells you your design personality.  It probably mostly just gets you thinking about what you really like.

I found out I was mostly vintage with a touch of modern.  My hubby is exactly the same which is probably why we never argue over decorating (by decorating I mean buying a comforter once every 6 years).  He even agreed readily to the red curtains.  That being said I think we are more modern with a touch of vintage.

Not my home-just an inspirational photo

This would almost be my ideal space but with a bookcase for my books and beloved personal items.  I would also have to have family photos around.  And darker floors and furniture.  But you get the idea…

Anyway, I learned that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s Oprah.  I really like Nate’s show and I hope he helps me get over my design drought and breath life into my home.

What I’m listening to: Home by David Byrne


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