More lunchtime cutlery rolls!

I had such a great time finding remnant fabric for these little beauties!  And using home decor fabric worked out so well.  It took a crease well and sewed up like a dream.  See my earlier attempt and find the Burdastyle instructions link here.

Cutlery roll line up

Green, yellow and stripe fabric

The yellow is a woven with a plasticy placemat feel.  I thought it would be easy to wipe clean and I hope they hold up well.

"My spidey-sense is tingling. Or maybe I'm just hungry."

Hubby picked up white napkins.  I was going to sew them but was pretty sure I wouldn’t have time.  Also I wouldn’t have done white but they look perfect with all the bright colours.

Flowers with lunch

We picked up chopsticks in Chinatown.  You have to love the translation.

"Pliable bamboo. Use it once and you will always do!"

What I’m listening to: 1,2,3 Goodbye by Elvis Perkins

3 thoughts on “More lunchtime cutlery rolls!

    • I did up two Spiderman rolls for guy friends of mine. I didn’t want them all to be girly.
      We saw lots of beautiful chopsticks but didn’t want to spend too much. I like the ones with grooves at the bottom. They help me grip the noodles. 🙂

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