Some good food

Homemade Pizza

This post has nothing to do with sewing but just a few food highlights from the break!  Hope you don’t mind.

Over the break my hubby made me a wonderful mushroom pizza.  It had two kinds of mushrooms which he sautéed with olive oil before he put it on the crust.  There is also some fresh basil on there.  We did decide that he needs to make his own pizza sauce as we are getting pickier about sauce since Stein made his own tomato sauce.  This canned sauce just wasn’t sharp enough, you know?

We also went to River Cafe for Sunday Brunch.  It is about a 10 minute walk from our place and we have never been.  Shame!  It has a fancy-schmancy menu but is decorated like a mountain lodge.  And it’s set back in the trees on an island steps away from downtown.

River Cafe

The photos are dark but it was a cool, sunny day.

The bar area at River Cafe

Our view from our table

Snow outside but fireplace blazing inside.  I had a smoked mussel omelet and Stein had scrambled eggs with duck.  We also shared a basket of fresh baked muffins and scones.

What I’m listening to: Next Girl by Black Keys


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