Finished: Plummy Black Skirt (Vogue 1199)

PBS front

No, that's not me...

It’s finally finished! And I like it!  After agonizing over this pattern, the PBS (Plummy Black Skirt) is finally complete.

What do I like about this pattern? I love the tabs on the skirt.  I also liked the facing and lining.  It makes it feel like a “real” skirt.  I’ve only sewn facing OR lining into a garment.

PBS back

What didn’t I like? The instructions were very vague. It is rated as an average sewing level pattern so I assume it is directed at better sewists than I.  It just gave instructions without explaining what or why so, as a beginner, I wasn’t sure why I was doing what I was doing.  Also, if you see the pattern photo near the top of this post, they have the skirt in black and have the model’s hands covering the details.  Would you have any idea that this had tabs and welt pockets?!  Is this photo supposed to “sell” the skirt pattern?!

What did I do differently? I chickened out on the welt pockets. I figured I should attempt bound buttonholes before I leap into welt territory.  (I could also argue that my body type doesn’t need focus put on the upper tummy area, but that would be more of a cop-out.)  I also added an inch to the length (should have added 3) and still had to turn up a really narrow hem. I like skirts to the knee and I’m long-legged; others may not have the same concerns about length.

Blind stitch hem and seam binding for lining hem

Would I make this pattern again? Yes I would. It’s a nice, slightly high-waisted style and has a different notch detail at the back.

The fabric seemed more and more shiny as I worked with it. I remember buying it and thinking it was black with a slight purple sheen but it’s really purple. But I like it.  And how great will it look with future Pendrell blouse fabric!

Ruffled Pendrell blouse fabric

No photos with the skirt on me.  Feeling a little bloaty and don’t need my PMS along with my PBS in the same photo. 😉

Have you ever bought fabric and it ended up being different than what you thought? Is it a change in lighting or just looking at it so much as you work with it? I remember thinking a cotton voile was okay but by the end I loved the fabric even more. On the other hand I loved the navy and white cotton but hated it by the projects completion.

What I’m listening to: Black Sheep by Metric


13 thoughts on “Finished: Plummy Black Skirt (Vogue 1199)

    • Thanks! I love the blouse. But if the skirt gave me this much trouble…I can’t imagine how difficult the ruffles and tucks will be.
      The skirt is actually really nice on. And it could be made a few times as it’s pretty basic but still offers a couple of unique details.

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  2. Love the details on the skirt! I want to see it modelled, too! (With the new blouse perhaps!?) And yes, sometimes I hate a fabric after working with it.. or buy something that’s just OK… and later realize it goes with everything I own!

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  6. Hello again, I have been reading you for a while, but just noticed that you had done this skirt. I have this pattern too. How is it for size? I just went through my patterns this weekend after a Simplicity disaster with size prompted me to check the sizes of all of my so far untouched patterns, and realized I may have purchased this pattern in a size too small. I like the skirt, but really bought the pattern for the blouse. Thank you so much for sharing!

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