Finished: Lunchtime Cutlery Roll

Burda Style cutlery roll

Thriftstore Cowgirl cutlery roll

I loved these cutlery rolls so much I had to make one for
myself. Then I decided to make some up as gifts for a dinner party.
There are 20 attending. I’m hoping I can knock out 3 an hour if I
have help cutting out the fabric pieces. It’s also a perfect excuse
to buy a rotary cutter!

Funnygrrl Lunchtime Cutlery Roll

All rolled up

The Burdastyle instructions suggested batting to give some body but the scrap fabric I had was a heavy cotton so I skipped it. Come on, don’t you love the polka dots?

What I’m listening to: by Norway by Beach House


6 thoughts on “Finished: Lunchtime Cutlery Roll

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