New Curtains!

No, I didn’t sew them.  Although I do have to hem them.  I read somewhere that the best way to hem curtains is right at the source so sometime over the break I will haul my machine over to the sliding doors and hem away.  It is easier to do while they are hanging…or so I read.  And we all know the internet never lies, right?

Before-Vertical blinds, ick

If you have vertical blinds, I apologize, but they are ugly.  And they don’t really block light well.  I have been in this place for over 3 years and have finally done something about it.

After-curtains AND sheers

Isn’t it amazing how warm a set of drapes can make a room look?  Yes, the sheers have vertical stripes like my old blinds but don’t they look lovely?  I did press them before I hung them but I think I will try vertical steaming while they hang.

Red and black curtains with tucks

The curtains are a red taffeta with black horizontal stripes AND vertical tucks.  They completely block light which will be great for movie days over the break.  I thought the sheers might be too stripey with the curtains but along the whole wall I think they look really good.  And our living room/dining room is one big area so I don’t think the curtains are too busy for the space.  Anyway, I like them.

Of course, this whole post has been an elaborate ruse to distract you from the fact that sewing has been so slow.  I just couldn’t write again about how slow going the Vogue 1199 pencil skirt is coming along.  I think I’ve been scared off by the Pajama Pants fiasco and I’m doubting every stitch.

But enough about that.  I’ve also been attending Winter Formals and working on my Top 20 Albums of 2010 list and helping to plan a 20 person dinner party (more on that later).  In other words, life has gotten in the way of sewing for a little while but I still think about it everyday and have major plans for the break.

Until I get back at it take a look at these great cutlery rolls, originally from Burdastyle but completed so adorably by Thriftstore Cowgirl.  Like I need more things on my sewing wish list!

What I’m listening to: I’m Gonna Change Your Life by The Thermals


4 thoughts on “New Curtains!

  1. These panels I bought at Fabricland for 65% off. No way I could have made these (time included) for less than I spent.
    Of course the curtains in my bedroom are handmade (not by me) but I had them sewn many years ago and they are such great quality I still have them.

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