In (Slow) Progress: Vogue 1199

Before I started sewing I never thought that the details on garments sometimes have to be sewn BEFORE the construction of the skirt, jacket or trousers. For example, the tabs on my PBS were the first things I worked on. Because they are sewn into the front darts they had to have interfacing applied, lining stitched on and turned right side out and pressed before I stitched a dart or side seam. This is what I have to show for my efforts.

Skirt front and tab

Sorry for the dark photo.  It is taken with my iPhone.

I made up one of the tabs and tried to apply the grosgrain ribbon per the instructions. But either I didn’t understand or don’t have the right material because when turned out it looked lumpy and, forgive the expression, home ec.  I ended up just completing the tabs with fashion fabric and lining. No complicated grosgrain trim.

But I think they look great.

Here is a tab, or epaulet, on a ready-to-wear jacket.  You can see how it had to be constructed before the sleeve was attached because it is sewn into the seam.

Shoulder epaulet

If you think that I am adding other info because I haven’t sewn as much as I thought I would by now, you are right.  It is interesting, though, how sewing really helps you to understand construction of all the clothing that you own and buy.

Do you look at the construction of items more closely because you sew?  If you don’t sew; do you look at hems, lining and fabric closely before you buy?

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One thought on “In (Slow) Progress: Vogue 1199

  1. You bet I do! Mostly, I notice sloppy work – cheap buttons, unlined things that should be lined, uneven stitching – things that make me glad I know how to sew! Or, I do the opposite – look at things I can’t afford to see how the details are constructed and admire the nice finishing touches 🙂 The more you sew, the more you’ll notice without even thinking about it!

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