Let’s Take A Poll! Faux Fur, Purr or Hiss?

I have been coming across a lot of sewing tutorial’s about faux fur.  Collars specifically.  It got me thinking about how I have assumed for years that faux fur was just ugly.  I do know that it has come a long way from the old days when you could spot a faux from a furlong.  (And people said things like furlong.)

One of the tutorial’s was Casey’s faux fur collar tutorial.  I realized that I kind of liked the faux fur collar.  Was it an awakening to a material that I had dismissed years ago?  Or was I just dazzled by Casey’s adorable photos?

Before I could ignore the inner faux fur struggle I was having, Grosgrain Embellish Knit Month featured Casey’s tutorial.  Along with a great interview.  I was being worn down.

Then I saw the tutorial for Colette’s Removable Faux Fur Collar.  I liked the look of this one, too.

What was happening to me?  I am not a faux fur wearer!  Why do I now feel the need to add it to my wardrobe?  Was I yielding to peer pressure?

Then I saw this feature on InStyle UK.  Faux Fur Finds.

This I can resist. Where would I wear this?

Oh, wait...that's really nice...

Could be removable, no? But if you are wearing fur you probably need pants.

Okay, this is not fair! Super cute laced-up boots. Not sure I can resist...

Well, a fur muff is just practical for Canadian winters. Can you imagine wearing it to a winter wedding? So cute!

WHAT?! Cool moto-jacket with fur?! Love it!

So now I am more conflicted than ever.  Will I have to dig deep to find the source of my faux fur repulsion so I can root it out and turn to the “fur side”?  The online sewing world is not making it easy to stick to my decision on no faux fur.

I thought I would go to you, my readers.  Faux Fur-Purr or Hiss?

What I’m listening to: All We Want, Baby, Is Everything by Handsome Furs

3 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Poll! Faux Fur, Purr or Hiss?

  1. Like you, I’m conflicted. I guess while I wouldn’t turn down an awesome garment for having it, it doesn’t really attract me. Although that motorcycle jacket with the fur collar is awesome!

    Hrrm. Now I’m going to be thinking about it all day! 😉

  2. Love it! Faux-fur totally attracts me. On my neverending to-sew list is a coat with a nice wide faux-fur collar! I love the plush-ness and warmth factor, especially since I’d never wear real fur. And if those lace-up boots are for sale somewhere you should buy them! So cute with your Lady Grey coat. Grey and turquoise, yes!!

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