More Planned Projects

My sewing hiatus, while I’ve been housesitting, has not stopped me from planning more projects. A trip to the fabric store (which had everything 50% off) yielded many future plans.

I picked up my dotty fabric for the ruffled Pendrell.  It’s much more “grape-y” than I remember.

Dotty Plum Fabric

I also found a solid grey/pewter polyester. I originally intended it for the sleeveless version of the top but now I’ve decided to use this for the gathered sleeve version. The only decision left is whether I want to use the shiny or matte side…

Pewter Sheen and Matte

On my way out of the store I went by the remnant bin and found another possible Pendrell blouse fabric in 2 separate end-roll bundles. One has 1.4 metres and the other 1.2 metres. It will make a nice sleeveless shell to go under a jacket or cardigan if the pattern pieces fit on the remnants cuts.

Chocolate brown and gold fabric remnants

Along with those I found 1.6 metres of a knit. The print is really large but the colours are great. Black, white, grey and grape (is my wardrobe moving toward more purples?!). There should be enough to make another twist-front top.

Print Knit Fabric

I got all 3 bundles for less than $12. Buy 1 get 2 free.  The best thing is that I have enough fabric to make all 3 versions of the Pendrell blouse.  It’ll be interesting to see how the pattern fits a mid-size gal like myself.

Housesitting is almost over then I can focus on my many projects. I’m looking forward to posting a few completed projects.  I have an entire week off over Christmas and since we don’t have any real plans I hope to get quite a bit accomplished.  And, because I like to overcommit, I’m also making a slideshow iMovie for a coworker’s daughter’s wedding photos.  I donated the iMovie as part of a fundraiser and since her daughter was getting married this year she bid on it.  Hopefully they are happy with the results.

What I’m listening to: Don’t Be Shy by The Libertines

2 thoughts on “More Planned Projects

  1. Nice fabric picks! I’m interested to see how the patterns works for you as well, I’m so curious to see the blouse on other people! I think it will be lovely especially in the grape print fabric.
    Yay for a week off over Christmas! Lots of rest, relaxation and of course sewing!

    • I got my pattern yesterday! My hubby didn’t tell me until today! It looks really good.
      I’m a good test subject since I usually have trouble with instructions. I’ll do a full review when I complete one!

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