Pendrell Fabric


Dotty Fabric

I think I spotted the fabric for my 1st Pendrell.  It has blue and plum and white.  I think it will be a nice blouse that will go with lots of skirts and trousers.  I am leaning towards sewing the ruffled version first.

I haven’t picked this fabric up yet.  I was just perusing and came across it.  I think I’ll go back in this week and pick it up.  So excited!

Click the Pendrell pic to find and join in the Sew Along.  It starts mid-January so there is a lot of time to get prepared.  Please join me!

What I’m listening to: Lion’s Teeth by The Mountain Goats

3 thoughts on “Pendrell Fabric

    • It’s similar to your sleeveless version fabric. If I do the sleeveless version I will probably do it in a solid colour. That way I can wear it with print skirts, etc. Maybe I’ll look for a solid colour fabric also…
      I’m so excited to get started!

      • Yayyy!! I wear the solid version, the bright blue with ruffles, more than the others. Solid versions would be great to wear with skirts, don’t you find printed skirts hard to match with? I sure do.
        Your pattern should arrive real soon, maybe even by the end of the week… Looking forward to sewing-along with you! Have a great day 🙂

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