Two Abandoned Projects

I got a lot more done on my Friday off work than I did on Thursday. I cut out my fabric pieces for my Vogue 1199 skirt, which I am now calling my PBS (plummy black skirt).

PBS fabric

As I was reading the instructions I received a wonderful package in the mail. But before I get to that…  I was a little dismayed to realize how many new techniques were involved for my PBS. I thought it was a straight-forward pencil skirt but this pattern involves welt pockets and buttoned tabs. On one hand I’m happy to learn new sewing skills but on the other hand I was hoping to quickly finish a skirt that will be great for winter. This will not be a quick project. I remember reading about Tanit-Isis doing welt pockets on her trousers. I will have to re-read her post since I will now be attempting this technique. I think I will practice on some extra fabric to make sure I don’t ruin my skirt. Like bound buttonholes the instructions call for the welt pockets to be completed first.

Welt Pocket

(This lovely welt pocket is courtesy of

Now, back to my wonderful surprise.

Butterick online pattern sale! 5 for $25

So you can see that I received 5 patterns including 2 for hubby projects.  The pajama pants and the tux apron.  I decided to put a hold on the PBS and whip up Stein’s pajama pants quickly.  The problem is that I followed the measurement guide and the pants ended up being MASSIVE.  Stein actually broke into an MC Hammer dance while trying them on. 

Not my actual husband...

Because I’ve been existing between two homes; housesitting for friends and having things to do in my own place, I had to abandon the pajama pants also.  I will have to work on them next weekend.  Because they have no side seams I will have to take them in on the inside seams and hope for the best.  Sometimes Butterick sizing is way off…

Along with those patterns I also received 2 dress patterns and a pattern for jackets.  That puts my pattern stash at max and my fabric stash pretty low.  I guess a good trip for fabric is in my future.

I buy fabric for specific projects.  I have no stash of unplanned fabric.  What is your fabric ‘sitch?  Do you buy what you like and look for patterns after?  Or do you find eventually it all works out?  I don’t have a lot of space so that is my excuse for a low fabric stash.  Does space play a factor in your fabric purchases?

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3 thoughts on “Two Abandoned Projects

  1. I’m starting to develop a “decent” fabric stash. The one exception is knits… I keep sewing through them as fast as I buy them. I have a mixed strategy. I want my stash to be “stocked” with certain basics—stretch denim, basic knits, lightweight cottons, coating, so that I can pick up a project on a whim. On the other hand, if I find a great fabric at the thrift store, I nab it, regardless of plan. Similarly if I find a great deal on a fabric I’ve been lusting over at the fabric store. Then there’s the “scrounged” portion of the stash. This is hand-me-downs, donations, and other random bits accumulated over the years. Some of it’s awesome, some of it *could be* awesome, and a fair bit is meh.

    Hey, you should gimme a shout if you want to go fabric shopping soon 😀

    • I don’t do the thrifting thing. I have no idea what I’m looking at or looking for. I think I need an intervention when it comes to buying new. I just feel so out of place in thrift/consignment stores. Actually even Winner’s gives me heart palpatations. Searching through things makes me crazy.
      I should just pop a Xanax and go on a day off. 🙂 If I had success it might help change my mind.

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