Sewing and Football and Knitting

Jason Witten

This week I took Thursday and Friday off. One reason was to sew and the other was to watch the Cowboys lose. I am not a huge football fan but The Husband is and since it is the shortest season of any sport, it requires the least commitment and I watch it with him.  I do have a Fantasy Football team called Smitten With Witten for Cowboy Jason Witten (see above).  If I’m watching anyway… 

Along those lines, Audi @ Fashion For Nerds wrote a great post on her argument for why hockey is a better sport to watch than football. (Anyone else find it strange that the Canadian is arguing for American football and the American for hockey?)  I would argue that the playoffs in football are one game, not best of seven like hockey. (Seven-really?!)  Also I love football movies. Brian’s Song, Friday Night Lights, The Express. Football is a great metaphor for life. You carry your stuff in life through various obstacles to reach your goals. Sometimes you score a touchdown, sometimes you settle for a field goal and sometimes you get stopped in your tracks. But through it all, hopefully, you are surrounded by supportive teammates.

But enough about football.

I didn’t get much sewing done.  Actually all I did was press my fabric for my Vogue 1199 skirt and laid out the pattern pieces on top.  I didn’t even get around to cutting out the pieces.  I was just too sick.  So I napped…a lot.

Vogue 1199 and my plummy black tweed

To make up for the lack of sewing photos I have included a shot of my progress with my knitting.  I am knitting a cowl neck to wear with my Lady Grey coat (or really any coat).  Progress is slow.  To make it interesting I took the pic on my friend’s piano where we are housesitting.

My first knitting project

What I’m listening to: Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now by The Smiths

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