The Hardest Button to Button

Colourful buttons

Brownish buttons

More great buttons

I love buttons.  I love the plain white ones that have a beautiful backside that no one knows is there but you.  I love a stand-out button that is more noticeable than the garment that it is on.  I love mother-of-pearl buttons that change colour in every light. I have written before of my love for buttons.

This weekend I organized my button bag.  I inherited a bag of buttons years ago.  Or I may have outright stolen it.  I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure I got (took) them from my mom.  I’ve repeatedly gleaned from it for projects but have never organized the contents.

Button bag 1/2 full

Some people organize by colour.  You can purchase bags of buttons on that are sold by colour.  I decided to organize by style and size.

Small shank buttons

Med/Lrg shank buttons

Small sew-through buttons

Med/Lrg sew-through buttons

Some special ones

I found 12 of the two-hole wooden-looking ones.  They just call out to be used as a set.  A suit-jacket and skirt?  A dress with special button details?  A bib necklace?  I don’t know yet but I will be on the lookout for a special project.

Last year I bought a pair of grey DKNY pumps.  They have a patent toe and a suede back.  They also have an elastic running across the front.  Did I love them?  No.  But I really needed grey heels, they were a GREAT price (free with hubby’s purchase) and I thought I could do something with them.

Grey shoes with added button detail

I added vintage buttons, from my button bag, to the elastics.   This helped my new shoes go from decent to delightful!  The buttons are on a shank and they tended to fall over once the shoe was on.  From above you couldn’t see the detail of the button because they flopped down.  I wrapped a grey hair elastic around the shank to make it stand up straight.  Voila.  I get many compliments on these shoes, usually on the button detail.

What is your favourite detail element?  Is there a notion you love?  Zippers or rick-rack or lace?  Oh my!

What I’m listening to: Tick Tick Boom by the Hives


4 thoughts on “The Hardest Button to Button

  1. I don’t know why, but I tend to steer clear of decorative notions. Maybe because I’ve seen too many Project Runways where the designers go overboard.

    I do like a good button, though. I haven’t used too many in my own work, but I like to see buttons as embellishments on straps, skirts, ect.

    Love what you did with your shoes!

  2. I love buttons! I even love sorting and playing with them, although mine are by colour instead of size. The button is a great detail to spice up your shoes!
    I like lace but in subtle ways, like on the hem of a lining. I don’t want to ever look artsy-craftsy!

    • The only sewing shows I seem to get here are VERY artsy crafty. Embellished to the supreme. Not my style at all. But my fabric store got in the large metal zippers. It might be neat on a simple skirt to have an exposed zip.

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