Sewing a Knit Top: Part 2

My 2nd sewing session on my knit top had me sewing the two front pieces together. This had to be done so that a twist could be added resulting in the asymmetrical effect at the neckline.

Stretch knits can easily be swallowed up by the feed dogs on your sewing machine. And because the fabric is stretchy it isn’t easy to get it out of there. I learned when sewing with a lightweight sheer that the fabric just needs a little base to help it through the machine. So I added some pattern tissue, that was cut off the sides of my pattern pieces, under the two layers of fabric. This was enough stability to get the stitches started. It is really easy to remove the tissue after the seam is done.

Stretch knit fabric and tissue paper base

The photo shows more tissue than I actually used.  I tore it off after I was about 2 inches into the seam.  Just a little head start is needed and then the stitching is no problem.

For stretch fabrics you use a stretch stitch.  This stitch allows some stretch along with the fabric.  If you use a straight stitch it has a good chance of breaking when the fabric does the stretching that it was meant to do.

Stitch number 03 is a stretch stitch

A zigzag or stretch stitch has some give that works along with the fabric.  We aren’t talking super-stretchy swimwear or dancewear here, just a moderate stretch knit commonly found in tops, dresses and some trousers.


My seam with the stretch stitch (Someone needs a manicure!)

Once the front pieces were stitched together the twist was added on the left side.  The gap where the twist was done was then sewn up.  I thought the seam running across the bust was strange but saw that the seam was indeed supposed to be there according to the pattern photo.  It would probably be less strange in a solid coloured fabric but there it is in my print.  Hopefully, the finished product will make sense with the seam where it is.  Or it could be why this pattern is now out of print…

The seam on the underside. Twist on the top right.


Front with a twist and (maybe strange) bust seam

That’s it for knit post #2.  Took a night off for some quality time with the hubby so no new post until next week.  In other news, Stein, the hubby, decided that he wanted in on this hobby thing too so has decided to cook and jar tomato sauce.

Homemade tomato sauce

In my husband’s Italian family it is just called “sauce” because it is the only sauce that really matters.  His mother makes it by the caldron. For pasta, chicken parmesan, sausage, almost anything.  He is starting low scale right now but I look forward to a winter filled with pasta and sauce, knit scarves and sewn pajamas.  Almost makes winter worthwhile!

What I’m listening to: Y Control by Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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