Lady Grey Sew Along: Part 5

Lady Grey Lapels, Collar and Lining

I took the day off today to get some things done around our place and to make good progress (finish?) my Lady Grey coat.  Well, I got a few things done and got quite a bit done on the coat but did not complete it.  When the husband got home he said, “That looks like a real coat.”  That was his way of saying that he was impressed.  (He recently said that I could sew something for him which he has been resisting.)

I was able to hem the sleeves, attach the lining and facing to the shell of the coat and topstitch the lapels and coat fronts.  I am really happy with the fit.  It is a little large but I haven’t tried it on with a sweater underneath as I will be wearing it most often.  The wide lapels and large collar are wonderful.  I am so excited to wear it but, though I’m in the home stretch, I still have quite a bit to do.

In other news, I am reading Marilu Henner’s book “Wear Your Life Well”.  She is the reason that I haven’t eaten meat in 8 years.  Her writing is great and the program makes so much sense.  I have made a new commitment to my health and hope to bring all aspects of my life into better balance.  This is primarily a sewing blog so I don’t share nearly everything that I do but my husband and I lead a very busy life, which we love, and things can get out of balance before you know it.

How do you balance work, hobbies and health?  (A big question, I know!)  Is health something you think about once in a while, weekly, daily?  Do you think health plays into everything else that we do?

Topstitched lapel

What I’m listening to:  Get Down Moses by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros


3 thoughts on “Lady Grey Sew Along: Part 5

  1. Love your coat fabric!

    I don’t eat meat either, and I feel better for it…lighter somehow.

    I work 8-4 (sometimes 5). I rarely bring my work home with me unless I’m really passionate about something, which is how I’m able to make time for sewing.

    My husband also does his fair share of chores around the house (probably more than his share), so while he’s making dinner, I’m free to sew.

    • Wow! Seems we have much in common. My husband is so helpful around the house. He cooks too and does the meal planning which, in my books, is the greatest thing.
      I recently cut my work down to 4 days so my day off is to pursue other interests, like sewing and volunteer work.
      All part of trying to balance…

      • Lovely husbands:)! I wish I could meet and get married to such sweetheart! Where is my someone:(?
        Awesome! You are finishing your Lady Grey coat:) I looove this lining!

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