My Latest Endeavour

Knitting books, DVD and Needles

I went to a branch of the public library today and picked up 2 books on knitting, 1 on sewing, Tim Gunn’s book on personal style and a knitting mystery book. I guess the heroine solves mysteries and knits (?).

Then I stopped at a new knitting shop that is really modern looking. I expected it to be filled with old ladies but this is a great shop with the most helpful woman. I was in line behind a girl that was probably 14. Nice to see young women learning these “old” skills.  I bought needles and some yarn.

I’m going to learn to knit by starting with a cowl scarf. I’ll see how I do and hopefully have a hobby more portable than sewing. I am going to learn alongside my neighbour. She already crochets so I think she has an advantage. The support will be good and the knitting shop offers classes also.

We will see how things go. Knitting is much slower so this will remain a sewing blog with occasional knitting updates.

What I’m listening to:  Friends They Are Jewels by Iron & Wine


3 thoughts on “My Latest Endeavour

  1. I tried knitting and it didn’t agree with me. I took a class at JoAnns and struggled to keep up. So I decided to concentrate on sewing.

    Best of luck!

    • I was at a music festival last spring and this girl next to me pulled out her knitting between music sets. I thought it would be so great to have a portable hobby so I’m going to give it a try.
      I have no pride about these things so if it doesn’t work out I’ll donate my needles. At least it isn’t as big a commitment as sewing. And my books are from the library!
      Maybe I’ll start a Knitting by the Book blog! 🙂

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