Lady Grey Sew Along: Part 4

The coat is coming along. I have sewn the lining together including adding the facing to the lining. I keep putting my arm into the sleeve lining because it’s so smooth and silky feeling.

Then I sewed the collar together. I was trying to topstitch the collar but the bobbin thread just wasn’t catching the top thread. It was skipping every stitch. I did some test stitching, using my twin needle, on two layers of my shell fabric and everything worked fine. The collar has fusible interfacing and I assume that is what is causing the problem as it is the only difference.

Any suggestions? If not, I can always turn the collar into a hat.

In other news, I received my 5 year award at work. It included a $500 gift card for a million different vendors. We will probably get the travel vouchers for a trip we plan to take next year.

What I’m listening to: Unless It’s Kicks by Okkervil River


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