Lady Grey Sew Along: Part 2

My lining fabric! And coat fabric!

I went to Fabricland to buy fusible interfacing and to try to decide on lining fabric. I was so excited to find a shiny print fabric that coordinated with my coat fabric. Isn’t the gold so nice with the blue?  I haven’t made too much sewing progress but I fused interfacing on the collar and front facings. I also cut out my lining pieces which I love more and more.  

I also found buttons

This is an advanced pattern because of all the pieces…14! The instructions look wonderful, however, and come in a cute little booklet. I love cutting out the pieces. I think it is because I’m confident in my ability to cut. It’s the sewing where I feel unsure. Of course, the sewing is what gives you the actual garment and it is so gratifying to end up with something you can actually wear.  I still lack confidence in my abilities though.

Do you enjoy the prep work of projects? Or do you just want to get to it? I have to admit, I’d rather chop the vegetables than cook the stir fry…

What I’m listening to: In The NA by Hidden Cameras


2 thoughts on “Lady Grey Sew Along: Part 2

  1. I’m definitely eager to get to the machine. When I’m sewing, I feel like I’m closer to the finished product.

    I like your coat fabric. I’m sure it’ll turn out beautifully!

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