Adjusting For My Measurements (Or, I Hate My Body Today)


No photos of me today...

It is really frustrating when you start to sew because you have trouble finding clothes that fit properly and then you have trouble getting a good fit on self-made items.

I finished sewing on the bodice facings on the cotton wrap dress and tried it on for size. As usual, what fit in the waist was now too big in the bust. I thought a wrap style would be great for my shape but the gaping in the crossover was not flattering. I questioned finishing the wrap dress at all but then did some research on small bust adjustment and found Slapdash Sewist’s tutorial. It turns out that she has avoided these styles for this very reason but has a solution. Take some length out of the bodice crossover edges.

The adjustments will have to wait for now but I got the sleeves and cuffs sew up and ready to go. I will tackle the rest after I feel better.

I also did some reading up on sewing and body image and quickly realized that many sewists go through this at times. (See here and here.)  It comes from being very aware of our measurements at all times and having to adjust for everything that is outside of the standard sizing. Obviously not only sewists deal with this because if you aren’t sewing then you are shopping. We know how ready-to-wear sizing can make us feel at times. The key is to know that many shapes don’t fit the standard size and there is nothing wrong with you. Manufacturers have to start with a standard and if they started with my shape most of my friends would have to adjust it. Should that make them critical of their shapes? Of course not! My body gets me around my great life and, therefore, I have to love and respect it.

Do you have moments (or more than moments) of body hatred? What do you do to shake it off? What would you say to a friend who felt the same way?

What I’m listening to: My Body Is A Cage by Arcade Fire


2 thoughts on “Adjusting For My Measurements (Or, I Hate My Body Today)

  1. Don’t we all have those moments? It doesn’t matter what size, shape, or proportions you have… there’s always a day where you wish it was the opposite. Hair hatred, too.
    I wish I had some brilliant tips or suggestions, the best thing to do is put the negativity out of your head immediately. Focus on something good, someone who makes you smile, or the next exciting thing you’re going to do. Don’t waste valuable energy on hating parts of yourself!
    And the more you sew, the more you focus on fitting yourself and worry less about size or weight or shape issues.

    • It really was momentary. But it happens to all of us. I did get a fresh haircut and it’s amazing how much that perks you up. I do need to learn how to choose patterns that suit my body type a little better. It comes with practice!

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