In Progess: Cotton Wrap Dress

Cotton Wrap Dress Bodice

Yesterday I started putting the pieces together on my navy wrap dress.  I fused the interfacing to the collar, cuffs and front facings.  Then I stitched the bodice together and basted on the collar.

I worked in short bursts between baking up some goodies for a work event for today. (Saturday, I know!)  I am happy with the fabric and I’m hoping it comes together the way I pictured it.  I added no length in bodice or skirt length so we will see how Butterick length looks on me after the fact without adjustment.

Later today I hope to stitch on the sleeves.  These will be my first set-in sleeves.  I have read a little about gathering the sleeve cap so it fits properly.  I really just want both sides to match.  Even if they are off a little.  I am excited to learn a new technique as it helps me get to the point where I can make more of what I really like.

Do you like the challenge of learning new things?  Or do you enjoy the confidence of sticking with what you know?

What I’m listening to:  Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Bodice back (Yes, I know I need a haircut-scheduled for Thurs)

Navy Wrap Dress Collar

Back and Collar


5 thoughts on “In Progess: Cotton Wrap Dress

  1. I like learning new things! (Surprised? Probably not.)
    Good luck setting the sleeves in. Maybe by now you’ve already done them? If not, they’re easier to sew if you put the gathered side up on your machine. This way, you can see the gathered part and can use your fingers to undo any tucks or foldovers in the sleeve cap, as you sew…

    • I think I used your suggestion instinctively because it did help to view the gathered side. I was so happy with how they came out. If only I actually liked the dress now. 😦

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