I Like This Stuff – 1st Edition


Drop by these superior sewing sites.

Grosgrain offers a tutorial on pintucks that I may be able to use on my Vogue blouse V1199.

Casey should not be allowed to post about such a gorgeous green dress.  Especially since she drafted it herself.  Since I don’t have the sewing skills to make it yet, Casey should not be allowed to put this frock into the blogosphere.

Gertie of Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing reminds us of the importance of simplicity. Sometimes simple is the most beautiful of all.

Adey, The Sew Convert, has time to sew prolifically, parent 2 children and have a bodice kit giveaway!

Tasia of sewaholic.net (link on the right!) has taken on the Self-Stitched September challenge and is giving us great opportunities to see her designs.   Including her Pendrell blouse.  Tasia is lauching a line of patterns designed for the pear-shaped lady!  I see myself sporting some Sewaholic designs in my future.

Tanit-Isis Sews and sews well.  She has also taken on the Self-Stitched September challenge and makes such cool items.  Like this pouffy skirt.  Now I want a pouffy skirt…

Not sewing related; however, my new SIL (sister-in-law) shares her hopes, dreams and fears about camping.  I remember when my parents tried to convince me to go camping with the family, I insisted on at least one book per day to read and a six-pack of Fresca.

What I’m listening to: Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn by White Stripes

7 thoughts on “I Like This Stuff – 1st Edition

    • Thanks! Your stuff is so cool. Mine is more special occasion so I need to make more basics (so I can wear them more often). My goal over the cold months!

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