Finished: Tote Bag

I had a lovely Sunday morning breakfast with my sweetie at our local cafe. I even convinced him to take the photo of me outside with my new bag.

What was supposed to be a fall/winter tote bag is pretty summery-looking but I don’t regret the fabric choice for a second. Who could resist Chinese lanterns? I may have to reinforce the straps in the future but overall I am happy with the outcome.

The bottom is square so it almost looks like a hobo sack. Like I could have finished it off by tying it to a stick. I would be the most stylish of hobos, of course. (And fingerless gloves are all the rage this season.)

He's got the pose...

I used the same fabrics for lining and mismatched the straps because it just seemed to call for it. The closures are ribbon loops and buttons.

It was so much fun to do a project that didn’t require endless fitting and adjusting. I can see why most beginners start with projects like this and not with dresses and trousers, as I did. Not that I regret jumping in with apparel but I could have saved myself some frustrations had I started more gradually. When I started sewing in May I was so sure that I wasn’t going to stick with it (like my gym membership and scrapbooking) so I made things that I really wanted to help keep my interest. Now I am hooked and can’t imagine my life without sewing in it.

Speaking of jumping in with both feet, I received the Colette pattern for the Lady Grey coat that I will be starting mid-month. I’ve been carrying it around with me and reading the instructions, which come in a little book. I am getting really excited about this project. The great thing about the Blog for Better Sewing Sew Along is that I can post photos of what I am working on and get feedback from some truly extraordinary seamstresses. I loved this coat when I saw Sewaholic’s version on her blog (of course, the fact that she made it in my favourite colour could have been a factor) but I didn’t even begin to think I would be ready for a project like this. I just cannot pass up the opportunity to sew this along with a group. So, sink or swim, I am in!

Are you the type to dive in? Or are you a “toe-dipper”? Have you made major commitments or purchases and then lost interest?

What I’m listening to: The Orchard by Ra Ra Riot


One thought on “Finished: Tote Bag

  1. I dive in! I’m a diver, totally. I start thinking perhaps I might look better with bangs and then bam! I get my hair cut on a whim. I decide I’m going to design my own patterns and now it’s all I can think about. I decide I want more sewing books and buy two, with one more in the mail (!)
    And with the sew-along, you’re not diving alone! Gertie’s a fantastic explainer, and even better, she makes everything seem so easy and totally do-able. Good luck! I bet it’s a lot of fun too! 🙂
    PS. love the blue fabric you picked!

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