Finished: High-waisted Skirt

Tonight I completed the high-waisted skirt from Vogue 8604. The fabric does look better after I pressed it. I feel a little like Joan from Mad Men with the slim fit and pin-stripes.

I read a little tip on-line somewhere about adding a bar to the top of skirt slits inside. This keeps the seam from coming apart from strain. You could actually add this to any ready-to-wear skirt that you already have.

Bar for Skirt Slit

I had to take it in at the hips as the fit is for someone with more of an hourglass. I’m more of a cylinder but this skirt does give a curvy look. The fabric is a stretchy cotton-blend and I could have taken it in even more but I decided I will be doing lots of sitting in it so I left it.

From this project I learned not to be afraid of fitting closely to my body. Especially with stretch fabrics. I would like to try this again out of a wool fabric and add a lining.

What I’m listening to: Like A Hitman by A.C. Newman

High-waisted skirt (and Stein's finger)


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